Maritime Safety and Security

The waters of Indonesia are vast and complex, stretching 6,400,000 km2 from Sabang to Merauke with length of coastline of 108,000 km2. Such vastness requires not only adequate ships and personnel to monitor the day-to-day routines and dynamics at sea, but also information that allows maritime law enforcement agencies (MLEAs) to take actions where and when needed. The complexity of the maritime domain with its unique characteristics and many stakeholders require accurate data and information, not only gathered and analyzed but also disseminated and shared.

Maritime Safety

It has always been recognized that the best way of improving safety at sea is by developing international regulations that are followed by all shipping nations.

Maritime Security

As far as Maritime Security is concerned, the MSSIC Organization provides support, assistance and guidance to marine users.

Maritime Environment

Shipping transports is 90% of global trade, statistically, the least environmentally damaging mode of transport, when its productive value is taken into consideration.

Maritime Business

As an archipelago country, maritime is an important sector for Indonesia. Sea transportation business is a pillar that needs more attention.

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